Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quick takes from 30

So, I'm 30. Just like that. The highlights:

- My husband took me to a SUPER swanky hotel while my parents watched the boys. How swanky, you ask? This place has an entire collection of REALLY WEIRD art. You know a place is posh when their art makes no sense. Example 1:
No wonder that lady looks like she is in great distress. There is a tree growing out of her body. That is a serious bummer. And then there is the pesky problem of that piece of sod not staying on her head and so she has to keep it on with a shoelace.

And check this chick out! She's obviously annoyed because someone stole a great big piece of her prize winning watermelon, so she is not sitting here to make sure no one takes any more and then a damn bird built a nest right on her head. That is serious dedication to watermelon watching.

Also, our room had an entire wall that is cork. It's that kind of unnecessary attention to detail that makes it so you feel somehow okay to have to spent a ridiculous amount to sleep somewhere 20 miles from your house. Oh, and the remote control had it's own little cradle. And the bathroom had q-tips and sea salt. So, obviously, this place was fancy.

- I got my nose pierced.

I've been wanting to do it for a long time, but my last boss said "no!" when I casually brought it up and then I tried to get it while I was pregnant on my 29th birthday, but apparently you can't get anything pierced while you are pregnant. The reactions have been mixed. The mom and mom-in-law were both like "oh. look at that." and then quickly changed the subject so as not to say anything rude. Most of my friends have loved it. Two different coworkers asked me if it was some kind of pre-midlife crisis act.
Nose ring blue steel! Yeah, these pictures aren't that great, but that won't be a problem much longer because...

- My new iPhone will have a flash :) Between the hotel and the phone, my husband really hit it out of the park this year in the gift and surprise department. This was a welcome change because...well...haha, remember honey that year before last when we were really broke and I told you not to get me anything, so you didn't get me a card or even say happy birthday until the afternoon because 'don't get me a present' was somehow translated to mean 'don't acknowledge my birthday at all'? Haha, wow, reminiscing is fun.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bring on the heat

If I'm lucky, this is where I'll be spending a great deal of my summer:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Then and now in a wordcloud

13 months ago, I used Wordle to create a word cloud from my tweets. (The bigger a word is, the more often it's been written). Here's what it looked like:

And today, here's what it looks like:

Predictably, "baby" has replaced "pregnancy" as the biggest word. And "think" is now the same size as "nausea" was. That's progress, people.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quick Takes from Target

1. There is only one time when I am sad that I don't have girls - when I'm clothes shopping. I've been told it only gets worse as you go from toddler sizes to boy sizes. That's why I was thrilled to find this shirt at Target the other day that my kid could wear to something nice-ish. Great color, simple, but a little more interesting and stylish than the typical polo shirt.

Then, I turned it around.


2. The other day I accidentally wore khakis and a red shirt while I was shopping at Target. Someone asked me where dog food was, and I told them it was in the toy section, on the Barbie aisle. They actually thanked me and headed that direction. The power of the red shirt.

3. This absolutely did not happen, I completely made it up. But I'm telling you, it's not beyond the realm of possibility.

4. I found coupons for paper towels and toilet paper after I had JUST bought them at Target the day before. I brought them in with the receipt and asked the lady if I could use them. She looked at me like I was a fucking loon, but guess who is $1.25 richer?

5. Does anyone actually put their kids in those super gross looking built-in baby seat carrier things that are attached to some of the carts? I think I got ebola just from looking at one the other day.

6. I want to like Target shoes. I really really really really do. But I don't.