Thursday, August 30, 2012

Things I Don't Understand

  • Who decides the rules for how shit is written?  Someone recently told me that you aren't supposed to put 2 spaces after your periods anymore, only 1 space. What?  Who decides this?  My thumbs are absolutely trained to stab that space bar twice after every period, and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to stop it.  
  • Speaking of this, twice in the last 7 years the rules for commas have changed.  From the time I learned to write, it was all "apples COMMA oranges COMMA and bananas"...then I had this job where they were all "nono, now it's apples COMMA oranges and bananas" and that was really hard to me to change but I did.  And then 2 years ago, someone scolded me that it was back to the first way.  WTF punctuation, make up your damn mind.
  • Why is it that sometimes hot dog buns sometimes can hang out in my pantry for a seemingly endless amount of time without molding and sometimes they mold within 15 seconds of coming home from the grocery store?
  • Why doesn't the toaster toast the bread equally on each side?  And why can't I remember which side gets hotter when I put bagels in there?
  • Why hasn't someone come up with a genius diaper genie where you can use grocery bags instead of those SUPER EXPENSIVE diaper genie refills?  I hate those things.  Paying nearly $6 for the refills pains me in my cheap little heart.