Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm huge - uh, I mean, I'm 28 weeks

Last week I had my glucose test - a test which gave me no problems this time or the last. I don't know why this test is so feared. Pound a sugary drink, wait an hour, get your blood drawn. I didn't have to fast, just couldn't eat anything sugary 2 hours before the test.

I got the results the next day - everything looks normal (thank god, I don't have to stop eating M&Ms by the handful). However, they reported that I'm quite anemic, a revelation that actually really excited me because now I have a REASON (besides good 'ol pregnancy) for being so nutty tired. She told me to pick up some iron pills and start eating more red meat and greens (do green colored M&Ms count?)

My belly seems huuuuuuuuuge to me. He is so so so low, I feel like I'm going to break in half when I sit sometimes. I'm terrified when he drops, he's going to fall into my legs.


The Gals on the Scale said...

Green M&M's totally count. I hope you don't mind compliments from a stranger but you look absolutely stunning, lady.

I love, love, LOVED eating grilled salmon and spinach(for my main source of iron) when I was pregnant with my son.

Good luck with everything!

SiliMom said...

You look beautiful!

And I'm feeling you on the "seems huuuuuge to me" and it doesnt help when people tell you "wow, you still have two months left! You are going to be freaking huge" AHHH!! Can we just hit them?!

Parsing Nonsense said...

You look so great! Sorry to hear about the anemia, that fatigue's gotta be such a pain. Glad to hear you passed the glucose test, I'm dreading it with my whole being just because I HATE orange flavored drinks. YUCK.

Becca said...

I just had that test too. I didn't know anyone was afraid of it. The only thing I can thing someone might not like would be getting blood drawn. But that's never bothered me (execpt once at the hospital, the were VERY rough and couldn't get any blood).
Loving the belly. Mine is starting to pop out too. I need to get my mom to take some more pics! I really thought I would document more than what I have been. :( But sense I don't have a decent sized mirror it's hard for me to do pics myself. :/