Friday, September 4, 2009

32 Weeks

Holy moly, 32 weeks.

I had Finn three weeks early, which means I COULD be having a baby in 5 weeks. FIVE WEEKS.

The room is TOTALLY ready, which prompted my sis in law to say that this probably means that I'll be 2 weeks overdue. I told her I hated her for saying that.

Of course, I'm also in a wedding on October 3, and the bride asks me every 3 days how I'm feeling, if I think that I'll make it past the wedding (oh girl, how I wish I had insight in to that). Maybe the 2 things will balance each other out and I'll have him mid-October.

Fingers crossed.


Jenn said...

You look great..I went to a wedding my ex was in three days before I had my 3rd..when the little old ladies asked me when I was due and I told them they were shocked I was there .... guess they thought I should stay at home !

Parsing Nonsense said...

You make 32 weeks look good, chica! I hope you make it past the wedding, though maybe it'd be a good sign to go into labor on her wedding day?

booshy said...

You look fantastic! Here's to hoping for a child that's ready to come OUT! :)

Mama Snyder said...

you do look beautiful! good luck - i;m in the hospital try to lure #4 into dtaying on the inside a few days longer