Saturday, February 6, 2010

Magic tricks

My husband thinks that our house is magical.  Well, I'm guessing this is what he thinks.  I can't think of any other reason he would leave things around the house that he wants to disappear.  

Example A:  Finn still wears a diaper to bed and when he wakes up, he comes up to our room with his undies and my husband switches them out.  Then, he puts it on the chest.  Every morning. 

Example B: This one is slightly more annoying.  When he changes Will's diaper, he puts it on these shelves.  You see the space on the right?  On the floor is where the diaper genie is.  Yeah. 

Example C: Also, in Will's room, he throws his PJs on the foot rest.  You see the closet door behind it?  That's where the hamper is. 

Example D:  My husband thinks that Good Will does a pick up inside our closet, because every time he wants to donate his clothes, he folds them and put them on the floor.  How convenient. 

Example E: When I complained that he got hair all over the counter when he trimmed his facial hair, he started to trim over the sink.  Thank goodness we got that worked out. 

Example F:  I am an obsessive recycler.  So I guess I should be thankful he puts it on the counter rather than in the trashcan.  He's always thinking about me. 

Example G: He's always leaving these all over the house for me.  What an ass. 


Skye said...

I laughed for so many different reasons reading this.

Secret Mommy said...

Me, too! :)