Saturday, September 8, 2012

Uterus Vacancy

Now that the transfer is just one week away, the doctors want to make sure that my body is doing what it's supposed to be doing on all the drugs I'm taking.  I'm sad that I'm missing my son's soccer game to drive to the hospital on this Saturday morning, but so excited that things are getting close.  

They bring me back right away and tell me to take off my pants. I fold my underwear deep in to the fold of my jeans....because god forbid that the guys about to get up close and personal with my hoo-ha catch a glimpse of my underwear.  I hop on the table and cover my lower half with a sheet.  Then begins that awkward wait where I am sitting straight up and don't want to move until the doctor gets there.  To my right in an ultrasound machine with the mighty vaginal ultrasound wand standing proud, smeared with a hearty helping of lube. 

What's a girl to do but to promptly drag my hand across it?  

Thankfully I have enough time to wipe myself clean before 2 doctors come in and get right to work.  They move the wand around, making sure that I don't have any stray eggs hoping to be fertilized and that the lining of my uterus looks good.  They are looking for something more than 8, and mine clocks in at 9.9.  I feel very proud of my uterus!! "This might sound dorky, but can I take a picture?"  He smiles and turns the screen towards me more.

By this time next week, hopefully this uterus won't be quite so empty.

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