Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So, it's January now. Okay, then.

How did NaNoWriMo go, you wonder? I got about 463 words in before I realized I was most definitely not having fun. I wasn't enjoying any part of the process, and checking the word count after each sentence, as if it was going to be 50,000 words after a couple of days. It reminded me of writing papers in college and the entire time, the voice inside my head is grumbling about all the other things I'd rather be doing, including cleaning the kitchen. I think when I'd rather be scrubbing the grout in my floor tile, that I should reevaluate the project that I'm doing for fun. Plus, I read this article that said even though some things may seem obvious (i like to write, i write for my job, i'm okay at it, so I should write a book...) sometimes it just takes you down a path (...but what i really like is telling a story, but not through the written word) and you realize that a series of events in leading you down a different path to what you really love. So, I'm working on flushing that out.

Also in November, my baby turned one. And my husband graduated college after taking classes for 20 (twenty) (yes, i know) years.

And then this funny thing happened. I realized I LOVE my job. Prior to this, when a friend would ask how I'm liking it, I would say "It's good. A solid job. Cool people" and that was about it. "Sooo, you don't like it?" they would ask. "No, no! It's good." Then, they would do that "MMMkay" thing with their eyebrows and we'd move on to the next subject. But all of a sudden, I think all that residual anger over being laid off from my last job finally went away and I realized "Oh, holy shit! This job is freaking awesome." Seriously - a great salary, a flexible schedule, an interesting work load, an amazing smart boss who wants me to move up and make more money and always has my back, cool coworkers who I get along with wonderfully, and (recent development) my own office.

It's becoming more and more obvious how ridiculously lucky that I am.

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