Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Light

As I mentioned yesterday, my husband graduated college after many, many, many years and sidetracks, and giving ups, and life getting in the way of life. Also for those many, many, many years, he has held the same job as a manager of a national chain grocery store. This has offered a decent salary and pretty great benefits...but it's also offered the crappiest schedule ever for a family who actually wants to hang out with each other. He has two days off during the week. On the bright side, has allowed him to watch the kids and become a pretty fantastic and confident dad. On the other hand, this means that we almost never get to have an entire day off together. He also often works shifts in the evening. This means a lot of solo days/nights of solo parenting for me. And not too much couple togetherness for us.

So now that he's a fancy new grad, he has started the official job hunt. Last week, he was brought in to take an exam for a company to see if they'd even let him interview. He passed, and had his first interview today. It went great. This is more and more seeming like one of those dreamy dream jobs that comes along once in a lifetime where they pay good, amazing benefits, a bajillion days off a year, and they will meticulously train him in his exact chosen field for a frakkin year before they expect him to be able to do things by himself. For a 30-something dude who is starting out fresh after working 20 years in customer service, this is pretty amazing stuff. He wants this job so so so so so so bad and holy god, if he doesn't get it, it's gonna get all kinds of ugly up in our house. I have that motherly holding my breath *omg i want this to work out SO bad* thing going on....and not just for the changes it will bring to my life, but for all the things it will do to/for him....his self-esteem, getting to experience a REAL job, working with NORMAL non-16 year old people. Have you ever really looked at the people working in grocery stores? Around 94% of them

I've been putting out some serious vibes to the universe, begging and pleading to the powers that be. C'mon, universe. We need this one.

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