Friday, March 20, 2009


Things I'd like to comment on:
  • Holy shit, Ali Wentworth has the craziest bags under her eyes.
  • I bet the Oprah show is saving a million dollars this year by Skyping with all their guest instead of flying them in.
  • I wish the clothes in the dryer would fold themselves.
  • If you are trying to talk about music from India, is it called Indian music? What about Indians? What is their music called? This confuses me.

Things I'd like to bitch about:
  • I just bought a pair of shorts at a maternity consignment store and put them on for the first time today and there is a huge hole in the crotch. I realize they are used, but that's just annoying.
  • My DVR somehow skipped recording Survivor this week
  • When Mike has something in the closet he wants to throw away (like a pair of 4 year old work socks with 16 holes in the sole) he just puts them on the closet floor. And leaves them there. Until they "disappear" (aka until I throw them away). Because he usually doesn't expect me to clean up after him, this annoys the shit out of me.
  • The cheese slice that Wendy's puts on their burgers tastes like orange chalk.
  • I hate that it's always my responsibility to write the thank you notes.
  • Why am I not allowed to bitch about work right now? Yes, I realize that the economy is in the toilet, I realize people are getting laid off - but my boss certainly isn't taking a break from being a dick, so why do I have to be grateful?
  • Although I'm sorta happy that my previous maternity wardrobe is way too big for me, I'm not looking forward to purchasing another wardrobe I'll never wear again.

Things I'm happy about:
  • Mike never minds sitting with Finn for up to 45 minutes while he plays in the bathtub (one thing I have just no patience for).
  • Every person who has been voted out on American Idol has been a-ok with me.
  • Telling Mike's family tomorrow that I'm pregnant.


Midwest Mommy said...

I am with you on the clothes folding themselves. Today is laundry day and I am 3 loads behind on folding, lol!

Parsing Nonsense said...

I think you'd probably call it "American Indian music". If you want to be really specific, you could differentiate between the two by saying American Indian and East Indian.