Friday, May 15, 2009


I'm fairly maniacal about taking pictures - I have some crazy number of photos of my kid that is somewhere in the thousands (yet, he still won't cheese it up for the camera). But for some reason, I did a terrible job of documenting my belly growth with my first pregnancy and I'm not showing any drive towards doing a better job with this one. I will blame this 100% on my husband because he never has the inclination to pick up the camera, putting me in the position of awkward self portraits. Well, if that's how it's gotta's me at the 16 week mark:

I think my belly looks huge-ish for 16 weeks. And also weirdly pointy.

I had my appt this afternoon and felt some weird sense of satisfaction that I've only gained 6 lbs so far. I'm being sorta gloaty about it. Example: Towards the end of my appointment today, my doc is like "Any more questions?" and I'm all "Is my weight gain okay for this stage?" Even though I know damn well it's just fine, I just wanted to hear her say it. She looks at my chart and is like "Oh yes, it's quite good!" and I look at my husband with some smug look, as if he gives a shit whether I've gained 6 pounds or 12 pounds. Ahh, the things I take joy in...

Speaking of taking joy in things, here is my kid playing with the stirrups at the docs office. Classic.


Parsing Nonsense said...

Ha! Of course, why wouldn't he play with them with those jaunty little covers on them! Congrats on the low weight gain so far, your belly looks so very pregnant at this point! You've got the best of both worlds: low weight gain and a nice big bump.

Kimberly said...

You're right behind me!! I've been reading along, but finally decided to comment. It's been nice to know I have company with all my symptoms!!! Even though they often suck!

I do my own belly shots too, although you'd never know, cause I set up my tripod. But then I MAKE my husband participate once a month, I am SOOOO mean!!!

I finally started catching up on things I put off during the first trimester, this past week. Congrats on making it to the {so much better} second trimester! :o)

Jaime said...

Aww..I think you look great. Not too big AT ALL. My doctor gave me a little talking to at myy second to last visit. I was gaining 2 pounds a week. ACK!!

I'm back on track though..No more daily trips to the freezer for some ice cream!

Melissa said...

when I was pregnant with my second my oldest would play with the drawer that had all the tampons in it when I had to go for my appointments. The doctor didn't mind and it kept him busy. I'm on my week 16 today, my belly seems pointy with this one too. Maybe its just the time for pointy bellys. I'm excited to go through this at the same time as you. I've been following for a bit but always thought you were getting ready to pop :)


Nesta Usa said...

You just motivated me to take my first photo!!! I also have to do this myself :)

Sarah @ said...

What is it with husbands? I do my own belly shots too. I use a tripod, though, and the camera timer. Before we got the tripod, I used to set up our dinky point-and-shoot on the bathroom counter and set the timer and pray I made it in the shot.

Yeah. The first four/five months don't have much documentation, let's just put it that way.