Friday, February 17, 2012

Dusty fingers

Oh man. I hate that I'm going to do this. But...I'm going to do this. I'm going to be that blogger who stops posting for a long time and then comes back and then disappears AGAIN (urrrmmm right around 13 months to be sort of exact) and then comes back all "OMG I'm back!" But...OMG I'm back!

Okay, so what's been happening the last year? So glad you asked. To follow up from my last post, the universe did indeed NOT give me what I asked for. My husband didn't get that job or the 3 others he interviewed for after that. As the months passed by, all of my very worst traits came blazing out as I harped on him for not applying for enough jobs in the right way in the right time. I would send him 20 jobs a week and basically just harp on him and be annoying and impatient and ridiculous. And I would say to myself "stop being so annoying and impatient and ridiculous" and yet. So, it makes total sense that he ended up getting the job that he found on his own despite (and obviously not because of) my bullshit. He's been working at this new company for nearly 6 weeks and I'm not exaggerating when I say that it's been pretty magical. Because:
  1. He's home in the evenings and on the weekends now as opposed to working most nights and EVERY weekend. This is beyond a game changer for us.
  2. He likes what he does - what a concept, eh? He feels challenged and engaged and is surrounded by like minded people.
  3. There's not really a third thing, but two things seem too little for as huge of a deal that this is.
Okay, so then there's the kids. Nothing real new per se, but they are just really fucking amazing and I sort of have to pinch myself that these little creatures are mine. Finn turns 5 on Wednesday and Will turned 2 in November. They are at this really magical spot where they can communicate and play and I even find the fighting sort of endearing. Okay, not really. But they are just really cool and it's exciting to watch Finn come home from school talking about ecosystems and ant hierarchy and shit (seriously, did we learn about that stuff when we were 4/5?) and Will following him around like he's a god.

Then there's my job, which continues to be sort of a dream come true. My boss is the bomb, I'm challenged, and I love what I do. Not sure what else to say about that, except to just say that although I've learned my lesson that I'm not irreplaceable, I really think this gig is going to last a long time for me.

So then there's this other sorta crazy big news that I want to start writing about really soon. It's the reason that I've come wandering back to this blog. I need a place to talk about what's going on. So, that's coming really soon. I just need to get my bearings a little bit. Allow me to dust off my rusty blogging fingers and I'll dive in soon.

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PreshusMe said...

Welcome back! Missed ya!