Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This morning as I was running late for work, my husband asked me if I took a test this morning. "A pregnancy test?" I asked, confused. He certainly couldn't mean anything that has to do with school or learning, because he knows that I think that kind of crap is for the birds. "Yes" he said simply, like duh, of course you need to take ANOTHER pregnancy test because the first four may or may not have actually been positive. "Are you doubting the accuracy of the other tests?" He shrugged, like 'forget I said anything', but even though I was already going to be 10 minutes late for work and had already peed twice so far, I am nothing if not stubborn. I grabbed the cup and one of the handy-dandy bulk preggo tests I bought and went to town. I managed to test the 2 drops of urine I was able to procure before they evaporated and proudly wagged the distinctly two-lined test in his face. He smiled and hugged me, as if we were finding out for the first time. Does he not realize I've already sent out a press release and had "big brother" shirts printed for Finn? I'm starting to think he's going to be a disbeliever until I'm actually giving birth, at which time he will begin freaking out, asking me why I hadn't told him sooner.

As an aside, are these not the cutest tippy-toes you ever did see?


J.D. said...

LOL! He's like me & my hubby was. I didn't really believe it either because the 2nd line was really faint & I thought it was just too good to be true. Finally a few days later I went to the doctor & she confirmed it. I still didn't really believe it....actually I just started really believing it maybe a months ago, lol!! (I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow)

Jamie said...

What adorable toes!