Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So now that I am officially a crazy lady in the possession of bulk ovulation and pregnancy test strips, I am trying to figure out all of this ov stuff. My period started on Jan. 21, which puts me at day 14 now. I've been doing these ovulation test strips since day 10 and they are all coming out negative. I never used to try to figure this out before - I went to babycenter.com, put in the first day of my period, and it told me which days to get busy, so I busied myself the best I could. This is a new realm for me, turning baby making into a science experiment. It's funny to stand in front of the cabinet and decide which bowl I will pee in. Should I choose in the small bowl that I usually put salsa in? Or should I test my urine in the little dish in which I serve Finn's goldfish snacks? And when I'm done peeing in this bowl, should I keep in the bathroom for tomorrow or should I wash it? And should I throw it away once I get pregnant? I mean, the dishwasher should get it pretty much back to normal....right?

Mike isn't upset that I've turned our bathroom into a small laboratory. He's just confused. "Babe, it's going to happen, don't get all crazy." Seriously, boys just don't understand. We made the decision to get pregnant, I want a baby in my belly pronto! And thanks a gal named Shannon who commented on my blog (OMG SOMEONE IS READING THIS BLOG!!!) I was able to buy all these tests at a site for super cheap, so it seems like really, I'm saving us money because we all know my feelings on how expensive those stupid tests are at the grocery store.

Anyway, my point is that I'm afraid that my ov time has already come and gone b/c my period was so late this month, and if that's the case does everything DEFINITELY get pushed back with it? Or is there a chance that I'll get my period right on schedule this month? I know, I know, this is NOT a perfect science but I'm only 4 months in and I'm kinda going crazy!

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