Sunday, February 15, 2009


As already established, I have taken this getting-pregnant-thing to a level that I didn't know that I had in me. Whether it be desire or just good old fashioned impatience I found myself deciding to start testing on Friday, 5 days before my period was due to start. OH - and something else that I should mention that will further solidify my status as a total weirdo - I decided that I want Mike to be the one that sees the positive test so he can tell me that we are pregnant. Silly, yes, I realize this. Okay, moving on....

Friday morning I jumped up and tested right away. I placed the test on the lip of the sink and jumped back in bed and proceeded to stare at Mike until he opened his eyes. He mumbled 'morning' and tried to pretend he didn't realize why I was smirking and wiggling around with excitement. He finally got out of bed (when i pushed him) and ducked into the bathroom. A minute later, he popped his hand around the door with 1 finger extended. 1 line. Damn. I jumped up, needing to examine it myself. After staring a hole in it, I said to Mike "Look at this line, there is definitely a line here!" He takes it from me and busts out laughing. "Mike! Don't laugh at me! I see a line!" He says "That isn't a line." Sigh. (I swear it was there! I admit it was barely there, but it was there)

Saturday morning, Mike crawled back into bed with me after checking out the test and said "Inconclusive." "What does that mean?" "Another 'barely there' line." I went into the bathroom to see for myself and the line was indeed faint, but not quite as practically invisible as it was yesterday. "This is WAY darker than yesterday!" I said to him. "Inconclusive," he repeated.

This morning, I woke up at 4am with a serious need to pee, but since the tests always say that your levels are strongest in the morning, I didn't want to waste all that hormone-full urine, so I convinced myself to go back to bed. Cue 5 am. I simply couldn't wait, so I decided to pee into my cup and then just wait until a little later to test. It was while I was putting the bowl of pee onto the counter and going back to bed that I realized "Wow. I really am being weird about this whole thing." Mike had to be at work at 7 this morning, so I woke up again while he was in the shower and I got up, dipped the strip, put it on the sink and went back to bed. A couple of minutes later, he emerged from the bathroom and I sat straight up. "Inconclusive," he said. I layed back down. After he got dressed, he climbed next to me in bed and said, "It's a little bit darker than yesterday, but still light. What do you think?" I smiled and said "I think a line is line and that means I'm pregnant." "I'm not convinced," he said. Ahh, my typical disbelieving husband. He wants a neon sign to pop out from the test that proclaims, "YOU, ma'am, are indeed PREGNANT! And Mike is the father of the fine speciman! Congratulations!" and then a bunch of streamers to pop out.

After he went to work, I checked out the site where I bought the tests and the site agreed with me - a line means pregnant, no matter how faint. However, Mike's cautious optimism is definitely rubbing off on me (although he's certainly more of the cautious scale and I'm more on the 'let's send out birth announcements' side).


Erika said...

Well, here's wishing you a cautiously optimistic congratulations!!! I hope to get my own faint line o' joy soon :)

J.D. said...

You guys sound exactly like we did!! Too funny! Yes I also read if there is a line at all, no matter how faint it was it's positive.