Thursday, December 4, 2008

Belly Aches

*Big sigh* Finally, a 'private' blog, a place to share my thoughts without all my friends and family and coworkers knowing my every thought. I'm way too connected - twitter, facebook, myspace, blog for my kid, blog for my extended family. Every time I sneeze online, someone hands me a Kleenex. Now, sometimes this is totally fab. I post Halloween pics of my cute kiddo, and 10 people validate how totally adorable he is. Heart swells, all is well. However, this system seems flawed when I want to talk about what a huge dick my boss is, I have no where to vent because his assistant is on my Facebook, he's on Twitter, and his wife checks my kids blog (not that I would really say my boss sucks on my childs blog, come on now). Okay, so there are two possibilities at this point - either you are nodding your head in agreement, because you have the same problem. OR, you are shaking your head, thinking that this really isn't that big of a problem. I mean, come on now (says the naysayer) you REALLY need a forum to bitch? Do you really need strangers to read your stories? Well, NO, of course I don't. But I WANT one. Whhhhhy? (whines the naysayer)....

Welllllll.......because I'm trying to get pregnant and no one is supposed to know about it! Well, let me correct husband knows. Of course. I think. No, just kidding, he definitely knows. And it's like, the best thing ever, this exciting time of trying to conceive. And I can't talk about it with ANYONE! SO frustrating. So, the other day, I was thinking in my head of all the things I want to talk about - so I'm just going to talk about them outloud|online….in private|publicly.

So here I am world. Are you ready to hear my Belly Story?

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