Wednesday, January 14, 2009 say the least

3 days until would-be period. Twiddling thumbs. Distracting myself with pulling lint off of my shirt. NOT taking pregnancy tests. Speaking of which, why the hell are pregnancy tests so damn expensive? This is 2009, people. I'm sure that this isn't some insane technology that is involved in the making of a pregnancy test. I'm no scientist, but my guess is that there is some chemical in a plus sign shape that reacts to hCG. Why does this cost me $14? It's a stick that I pee on. I mean, I've bought a watch for $10 and that thing works for years. All I'm saying is that pregnancy tests are a huge peace of mind for pregnant wanna-be's everywhere and it would sure be helpful if they were a little cheaper. Now, of course this won't happen because preggo wanna-be's everyone are willing to pay $14 to pee on a stick and they'll buy as many as they want, so test makers sure aren't going to be lowering the price anytime soon. But if the tests were only $7 I'd probably buy twice as many! But this makes my husband very cranky when we "waste" a pregnancy test by testing too early. It took about 6 tests until I got a positive result with Theo (I was 12 days late before I got a positive result! And one of the tests was actually at the docs!) and he was really annoyed that I kept wanting to take tests. I have a test just sitting in our linen closet upstairs...but I'm going to pack it in my suitcase and bring it on vacation with us and not test until Wednesday. Okay, let's face it, there is no way in hell I'm going to be able to hold out until then. But I will try to wait until Monday.

....and really, I'm probably not pregnant since my sperm donor errr husband was sick during most of my ovulation time. And really......late October would be more convenient time to deliver with my fall travel schedule at work. usual, another month to get skinny would be nice., that's all the reasons I can come up with.


flyabuv said...

Okay, I'm about to change your life (unless you get pregnant this month then you won't need this): I bought like 50 tests for like $30. I can use one every day if I want. They are so cheap! Or I've heard the dollar store has them too.

Ruthy said...

I like your blog. Reminds me a bit about me and this TTC journey. Do you leave near a Costco? They have a 4 pack for about $18-20
I invite you to read my post on how TTC can suck. It's been a year for us. Hope you don't take that long