Monday, January 12, 2009

No, not me

Is it possible to be trying to get pregnant without reading into every little freakin 'symptom'? I mean, we've only been trying since November and I am having an extraordinarily hard time just taking on the "whatever will be will be" mentality. I'm still not ready to start buying ovulation kits or anything, but for the last 3 months, this week before my period may/may not start has turned me into this weird pregnancy wanting hypocondriac. I read this stupid "top ten signs of pregnancy" every month and wonder if my random twinges and urges and other perceived unusualities mean I'm pregnant. This past week I have 2 main things that are tripping my pregnancy alarm: #1 - I'm freaking starving. #2 - I'm freaking tired. Now...come on, this isn't really that unusual. I'm the mom of an impossibly energetic 2 year old and I'm pretty much always hungry anyway. Other interesting things are that I'm craving some foods that I wouldn't normally eat and I'm peeing a ton. I thought this was a symptom until I read a little closer on that top 10 list and they said that the frequent peeing doesn't start until about week 6. Uhh. Okay, so scratch that from the "might be pregnant" column and insert it into the "you are a freak" column. Sigh.

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flyabuv said...

god, I so do this.