Saturday, January 3, 2009

The OC

I'm totally obsessed with ovulation calculators. I'm most interested in how each one tells me something different. Take this one for example - it says I'm most likely to get pregnant from the 30th - 4th. This one says the 31st - 5th. And this one says the 30th - 9th. How can this differ that much? I mean, I totally get the span of time being different for each person, but why aren't these sites in agreement? Unfortunately it hasn't mattered much the last few days because Jake has been sick and although I've tried to be patient, I'm not doing the most stellar job. He went to bed at 6pm tonight and my only thought as I was giving him a good night kiss was "DAMNIT, I could be ovulating!!" I don't want to start buying those ovulation predictor kits, but I can understand the urge. Wanting to get pregnant is a weird thing because of all the uncertainty.

I was able to go workout a couple of days ago with a friend who is also trying to get pregnant. She is my oldest friend and we talk about how much fun it would be to get pregnant together. She is 4 days late as of today with a couple of negative pregnancy tests under her belt. Since Jake only allowed me to talk about us trying with one person, I chose her because I figured she'd be able to sympathize the most. However, since she's been trying for 8 months and she knows how quickly we got pregnant the first time, she actually told me that she hopes it takes us a little bit so I can know how it feels! Harsh!

I am very glad for the most part that we haven't told anyone else we are trying. It would make this so much harder to have all my friends wondering if I have "news" every time I call them with excitement in my voice. Not that I blame them - I'm tempted to do the same to my friend...and in fact, I literally texted her "what's the update with your uterus" yesterday.

So, I know I just need to chill the eff out. I keep staring at my NoHoHon, which, according to the manufacturer "relax your senses and invite you into a calming world". I think I need a couple...

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