Friday, January 2, 2009

Getting little to get big

The #1 thing that I tell myself when I don't get pregnant is "this will be one more month to lose weight and get my body in better shape." When I get my period, I think - "Ok Chloe, let's lose 8 pounds this month - 2 lbs per week until the next time I'm supposed to get my period." However, this theory hasn't worked. The week I'm on my period I never seem to be able to go to the gym as much and then....who knows, I just seem to stay the same or maybe lose 1 pound the rest of the month. Here's the thing: I've got the exercise DOWN. I go on my lunch break with a coworker Mon-Thurs. I just haven't been able to keep the food stuff under control since about Thanksgiving. Thankfully, the exercise has kept my weight static (between 160-162).

I'm stoked about the weight I've lost so far but I think I've become a little complacent in a way. I got to 157 the weekend of my 10 year reunion in July....and I haven't lost a pound since then. It still excites me when I see myself in a picture and actually like the way I look, and I run into people all the time who remind me "You look SO good"....of course, they are remembering me when I was 40-60 pounds heavier, so of course they think I look good. And then I have the other little victories, like the fact that my thighs are starting to not come together all the way. This is big news for a big girl, let me tell you people!!!

A note about this picture: I was laying in bed with Jake, and lifted my legs up and noted that my thighs are getting thinner. I stared at them for about 5 minutes and then finally decided to go downstairs and grab my camera. I snapped a couple of pictures and that was that. Not sure what the hell I was going to do with it, but it seemed like the right thing to do. The next day, I cohosted a cookie making party at a friend's house for a bunch of kiddos, and I was taking tons of photos. And, of course, I left my camera there. Maybe I'm a nosy bastard, but if my friend left their digital camera at my house I would totally look through their pictures (okay, I'm definitely a nosy bastard). And of course, my friend is a skinny as a rail size 2. I'm sure she looked at those thighs and thanked her lucky stars they weren't hers. Ah well.

Anyway, Jake and I are both totally done with all the holiday indulgence, so it's back to the exercise and diet grind for me. It would be fab to take off another few pounds before this baby takes up residence in my belly. Speaking of which, off to the gym....

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